5 Reasons to love the 2020 Ford Escape

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    Plug In Hybrid Option
    One of the biggest talking points in Australian news concerning Ford. For the first time in Australia, Ford has decided to release a hybrid option for the Ford Escape. This hybrid option will be named the ‘ST-Line Phev’ and will feature a 2.5L Plug In Hybrid engine compared to the 2.0L Ecoboost petrol engine that will be offered in all the other Escape variants. The advanced electric powertrain allows owners to make short trips of 56km on zero emissions while allowing you to recharge anywhere you have access to mains power. For longer distances, the 167kw hybrid engine provides a power-split technology to help recharge the hybrid battery while you drive.
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    Digital Cluster
    Ford employing a digital cluster is a feature that was introduced into the 2018 Ford Mustangs, but will now be offered in the 2020 Ford Escape ST-Line and above variants. The digital cluster is 12.3 inches in size and provides a bright and colourful screen while displaying all relevant information which is easily visible around the digital speedometer and tachometer. Additionally, when selecting a different driving mode, the display changes to reflect the new setting with a little animation.
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    Ford Pass
    The FordPass app that will be available in the latest Ford models is being eagerly awaited by customers. The main features introduced through FordPass are Remote Start/Stop, Remote Lock/Unlock, Vehicle Status, Vehicle Locator and Vehicle Health Status. FordPass can be downloaded on the Apple or Google Play Store which allows customers to easily connect their vehicles with their VIN Number. After connecting, all these features become available and can be accessed by up to 10 people in the same vehicle who can use these features anywhere worldwide.
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    Wireless Charging
    The New 2020 Escape will also be equipped with a wireless charging pad that is featured in our current line of Focus models. The wireless charging pad just requires you to remove your phone case, and then place the phone in the secure pad. It will then display that the phone is charging, both on your phone and on SYNC 3. This is offered for compatible smartphones of different sizes that have wireless charging features available. This feature can also be used while the car isn’t turned on, you just need to turn on the accessories.
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    Enhanced Active Park Assist 2
    Available as part of an option package on the Hybrid, as well as standard on the Vignale, Enhanced Active Park Assist 2 is a feature that will be extremely convenient in all situations. With Active Park Assist activated, the Ford Escape can identify a suitable parking space, either perpendicular or parallel, and then automatically perform the entire parking and exit manoeuvres for you. Activated with a simple push of a button, there’s no need for you to steer or accelerate/brake as the car has already figured it out before you have.

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Written by Nikhil Balakrishnan, August 2020.