Breaks every rule


Born to Perform

The first ever Ford Ranger Raptor is no pretender. It’s Australia’s first ever factory-built, factory warranted, off-road performance truck. This is no option pack. It is uniquely designed, engineered and fully tested to conquer the world.

Drive the Legend

Drive the Legend

Drive the Legend

Drive the Legend


Make it personal.

The new Mustang is designed to custom-fit the way you drive, down to the last detail. From the look of the instrument panel to the sound of its growl to the way it feels taking a curve, this legend was born to make your own.


a whole new breed of Truck in 2018.

Ford invented the first ever Ute in 1934, delivering Australians a solution to both their weekday and weekend driving needs.
This drive to constantly invent, then re-invent, lives true in 2018, with the introduction of the first ever Ford Ranger Raptor.
From on-road comforts to off-road performance, the Ranger Raptor has both your weekday and weekend covered.

Factory Ready

Ranger Raptor comes factory-ready with everything you need to tackle the
toughest off-road environments. No modifications necessary.

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