Staff Pick - Ranger XLS Special Edition

It may be a Ford Ranger but it’s not your usual Ranger.

You will love the 4x4 Ford Ranger XLS Special Edition.

Are you the not-so-typical outdoor family? Tough and smart?

Towing, carrying and getting into your new Ford Ranger XLS Special Edition is a breeze. The most advanced truck ever seen in Australia comes with tow bar, tray liner, sports bar and side steps, making your journey easy, safe and pleasurable.

It’s tough done smarter and built to take on your big wide world. The Ford Ranger XLS Special Edition has a striking front-end design, intelligently refined interior and cutting-edge technology.

Perhaps you need to cross the local creek with your camper trailer? The Ranger XLS Special Edition has 4x4’s 800mm water wading capability and unsurpassed 3,500kg maximum towing capacity make light work of tough challenges.

Take your sporty family on the road less travelled and feel in total control as you choose your next adventure. Powered by next-generation turbo-diesel engines integrated with advanced driver assist technologies, everyone will feel safe with you at the wheel.

Think Strategically placed cameras. Think Ultrasonic sensors. Think sophisticated radar. Set your speed, keep your distance. Adaptive Cruise Control, unlike conventional cruise control, adjusts to the flow of traffic. Simply set your cruising speed and the system senses changes in the speed of the traffic ahead and will gently adjust your speed automatically to maintain a safe following distance with a maximum speed being your pre-set.

Your Ford Ranger XLS Special Edition scans the road ahead, looking for trouble. If the Forward Collision Warning system senses a possible collision, you’re alerted by a heads-up display on the windscreen. The brakes are then pre-loaded for enhanced stopping power. No Danger Park Ranger!

Know you can relax on your way to the national park as you stick to the speed limit with the Adjustable Speed Limiter. Simply set a maximum speed and the system helps you not to exceed it.

Never lose focus. If sensors detect that you move out of your lane, Lane Keeping Aid applies steering torque to help get you back on track. If you don't react, the system alerts you by vibrating the steering wheel.

Desirable and capable, the Ford Ranger XLS Special Edition is big on power and small on appetite. The heart of Ranger's fuel-efficient 2.2L TDCi diesel engine is as impressive as ever. The powerful 3.2L TDCi engine is even more economical. So you can spend more time on the move for less.

Come down and test drive your Ford Ranger XLS Special Edition today.

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